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Wooka - Somethin You Dress Up

Wooka - Somethin You Dress Up

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Artist: Wooka
Label: Saude
Release Date: November 06, 2023
Genres: UK Garage, Breaks, House

Dive into the electrifying soundscapes of Wooka's latest EP, "Somethin You Dress Up," as each track becomes a meticulously crafted journey through the realms of electronic house. With his typical beats and rhythms, Wooka takes us on a kaleidoscopic ride through four distinct compositions that embody the very essence of his artistry. From the sun-soaked vibes of "I Hope You Breathe" to the pulsating precision of "People Fucked Up," the EP dances through a spectrum of emotions. "London Somethin" pays homage to '90s UK bass with intricate percussive artistry, while "No dress code", made with Acheel, delves deep into sub-bass syncopation. Hailing from France, Wooka seamlessly blends house, break, and electro, channeling the energy of hip-hop and UK garage. His live performances showcase the dedication to his craft, crafting sonic symphonies that transport audiences to the heart of his musical universe.
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