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Various Artist

Various Artists - Embrace the Unknown EP ( PRE - ORDER )

Various Artists - Embrace the Unknown EP ( PRE - ORDER )

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Artist: Various Artist
Label: Time2Feel Records
Release Date: July 01, 2024
Genres: House, Electro

 Time2Feel is a friendship association of two enthusiasts thrilled by electronic music. The main purpose is the sensation triggered by electronic sounds and the letting go needed to maximise that feeling. As an adventure, getting out to your confort zone makes you grow. That's why we dig deeply in the unknown to find new records, new parties and new people to “feel” new emotions with 😍 Moreover it's a way to feel alive, and our aim is to persuade you that your lives are incredible, at least for a moment.

We've collaborated with emerging talents from Europe to curate our first vinyl ever  "Embrace the Unknown". Inspired by the French Electronic scene, we tend to mix different genres of electro, with no boundaries but the one we feel.

Venetia from Paris  captures with a perfect sample and a huge bass, something we want to go clubbing on, as the melodic synth tells more nostalgia in it. 

Marie gives us an electro vocoded track, based on a mini V3 bass as her inspirations are more 90s electro and invites us to rock on the beat with her.

Luca Monteforte tells a more stellar story, and shows you the path to an interplanetary journey through this synths and FXs just from another dimension.

Ducato Diver brings us a lesson on how to bring old school drums into a synth pop universe for us to feel truly raised.


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