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Various Artist

Various - 10 Years Of 320KB Music

Various - 10 Years Of 320KB Music

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Artist: Various Artist
Label: 320KB Music
Release Date: November 06, 2023
Genres: House, Techno

Embark on a thrilling musical journey spanning a decade, a treasure trove of 320KB Music, a decade of pure musical magic! We've raced back through time, armed with four sensational tracks, to celebrate this remarkable milestone with you. Join us as we groove to the beats of some of the finest artists who've played a pivotal role in shaping our label's magical journey.

The curtain rises with DJ Cream's 'Crazy' (A1). This house anthem is the perfect elixir for any dancefloor, blending timeless vibes with a contemporary edge through an infectious rhythm.

Next up is 'Subject Matter' (A2), a mesmerizing creation from the prolific producer, Black Loops. With a sultry bassline, hypnotic vocals, and tantalizing synths, this track is the perfect weapon for every warm-up.

Flipping over to the B-side (B1), we dive headfirst into the enigmatic world of Umberto, one half of the renowned duo Nudge and a founding pillar of 320KB Music. His track 'The Smoke' weaves a brilliant tapestry of acid-infused melodies, casting a spell that's impossible to resist.

And last but certainly not least, we have 'Lose Yourself' (B2) by Jacopo Latini, also known as Data Memory Access, in collaboration with Giammarco Orsini. This track is a seductive journey into the depths of sound, filled with the signature elements that have made Jacopo recognizable.

Join us in celebrating a decade of musical journey and immerse yourself with 320KB Music - where the past, present, and future of music unite in perfect harmony
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