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Session 4000

Session 4000 - Get Down EP

Session 4000 - Get Down EP

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Artist: Session 4000
Label: Locked In
Release Date: December 19, 2023
Genre: Techno

Locked-In's fourth release beckons you to dive deep into the distinctive sound of Session 4000 with the "Get Down" EP.

Launching the dancefloor manifesto on the A1 is 'Panaka,' a relentless groove brimming with infectious energy. The bassline asserts its dominance, while the synth patterns showcase a pure, playful mastery.

Progressing to the A2, 'Second Skin' unravels as a mind-bending revelation, leaving an enduring imprint. Session 4000 skillfully weaves intricate layers that captivate from the initial drop to the final fade-out.

Flipping to the B side, 'Get Down' lives up to its name, beckoning with a bumping rhythm and spraying synths. It's a decisive call to action, destined to be a certified dancefloor weapon tailor-made for late-night club escapades.

Concluding the EP on the B2 is 'Mr. Freeze,' as cool as its title implies. This track leaves an indelible mark, providing a memorable conclusion to this electronic narrative.

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