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Raynerfromfinance - An Intro To Truffle101

Raynerfromfinance - An Intro To Truffle101

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Artist: Raynerfromfinance
Label: Truffle101
Release Date: April 18, 2024
Genre: Downtempo

Curated by Lazy Susan (2StepBec, oliver.r and Zeus) the Truffle101 project sees the light of day this Spring with their inaugural release from co-founder oliver.r under his Raynerfromfinance moniker. The first on the label explores a multitude of textures, gliding between sleek jazz, hazy dub, ethereal ambience and everything in between. Music from the soul, for the soul, as the man on the numbers, Raynerfromfinance shares his debut offering in the realms of downtempo productions. 

A loungey quest paying testament to the versatile direction of the Truffle101 label, a project from three aficionados of the slower end of the spectrum, looking to share idyllic sounds from friends and artists they meet along the way, presenting them to a new and appreciative audience. 

“Please make yourself comfortable, sit back and relax, whilst we take you on this journey of the sounds of Truffle101”

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