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Deiv - Paranoik Android E.P

Deiv - Paranoik Android E.P

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Artist: Deiv
Label: Rudimentary
Release Date: December 01, 2023
Genres: Techno, House

Rudimentary Music garners worldwide high praise with their first release. A strong, fluid and very well-rounded EP with something for every electronic dance fan. The Barcelona based butItalian born artist Deiv, sets the foundation and tone with the stunning 'Paranoik Android' EP forthe fledgling label whose everyday life revolves around and embodies the synergy and spirit of dance music culture. 'Take control of your shit' is the first cut and is the ideal smooth late night electro jam. A sexy, melodic deep machine groove that is nothing short of pure class. Thishighly addictive track is sure to get many repeat plays. To complete the A-side is the technostormer 'Technology'. A body grabbing bassline that will surely get everyone's attention. Thiswicked,robotic workhorse is guaranteed to move the main room by any DJ who selects it.Inspired by the label's search for music that fits every part of life, this track encapsulates thepower of techno in the late night. The reverse side showcases the title track 'Paranoik Android'.It rides a strong balance of house and funk sentiments for the primetime slot on the dancefloor.The killer acid line, island percussion and blips and bleeps, makes this a great ying and yang of futuristic and retro sounds. The title track, it stands out from the crowd but here in this EP, it blends perfectly into the wide array of vibes blossoming here. 'Dolphins' closes out the EP inelegance. With the soothing almost aquatic melody notes it exudes the perfect vibe to drift away your cares to. Overall, this is a very versatile EP with a track for every emotion and time during a night out with dance music
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