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Ace Vision

Ace Vision - Raising Awareness EP

Ace Vision - Raising Awareness EP

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Artist: Ace Vision
Label: Ace Vision
Release Date: March 18, 2024
Genres: Techno, Electro

Steeped in the sounds of electro disco, italo and new beat, Ace Vision is an artist raised on the synthesizer traditions of Italy. Following on from his debut EP, "Not An Ordinary Story", the musician returns with four pieces of crafted electronics.

Snapping percussion lays a path for arcs of melody, bruised bass and computer game chords for the driving energy of “Enigmatic Flow.” The same rhythmic strength is carried into “Middle of the Night.” Kicks and snares are the foundation from which perfumed keys ascend. In the exquisite "Goodbye,” warm analogue waves are punctuated by beats while rolling arpeggios and soaring lines drift above vocoder lyrics.

“Synthpop Voyager” ends the EP. Warm playful melodies are central in this elegant and emotional finale, crisp drum patterns being the central columns around which Ace Vision weaves his analogue tapestry.

Four tracks that tell a very different musical tale.

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